Three Tips For Caring For Your Books

Reading can be an enjoyable and stimulating activity, and if you are like many other avid readers, you may have an extensive book collection. Sadly, there are some people that may not be taking appropriate steps for caring for their books. This can cause the books to suffer unnecessary damage. Luckily, you can help to minimize this risk by making sure to use the following tips to keep your books in the best condition possible.

Use Bookends

Bookends can be an overlooked part of caring for your books. While they will help to keep the books on your bookshelves, they will also provide critical support to the binding. Without bookends, the binding could start to detach from the book cover and pages may start to come loose because the books may be standing at an angle that puts stress on the binding's adhesive. By using bookends, you can ensure that your books are kept upright, which can help them avoid this potential damage.

Control The Humidity

Moisture can be a source of severe damage to your books because it can rot the pages, lead to discolorations and wash away ink. Unfortunately, you may not realize that humidity can be a major source of moisture damage. Luckily, there are some effective steps that you can take to mitigate this problem. For example, placing a dehumidifier in the room where you store the books can help to prevent condensation from forming on the books and damaging them. If a dehumidifier would take up too much space or be too expensive for your needs, you can opt to place silica get packets or buckets in the room with the books. This substance can absorb moisture from the air before it can contribute to damaging your books. These packets or buckets will need to be replaced every few months to ensure that they continue to protect your books from excessive humidity.

Limit Exposure To Sunlight

The sun can be another major source of damage for your books. The powerful rays of light can bleach the colors and make the pages brittle. As a result, you will need to take care to keep your book collection out of direct sunlight. If your books are stored in a room with a lot of windows, you may need to install a tinted film over the glass to help block the damaging rays of the sun from reaching the books. For those that are concerned about this tint making the room too dark, it is possible to opt for tints that are almost clear but still able to reflect the sun's most intense rays. By consulting with a window tinting professional, you will be able to find a tint that balances your desire for a well-lit interior while also keeping your books safe from harm.

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